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Dear Reader,

During the last decade we have written about the best in luxury travel. From
hotels, restaurants and resorts to cruises, culture, spas and adventure, we
only recommend locations and properties that meet CEO Traveler’s high standards.

Our criteria in searching out excellence is resolute during our travels to colorful cities like Marrakesh and Hong Kong, to exotic islands like Fiji and Bali and to exciting countries such as New Zealand and Japan. We look for cultural attractions that make a trip memorable. We recommend distinctively designed, comfortable accommodations with stellar service--London's Carnation Hotels and the worldwide Aman properties. We try to dine at restaurants that offer innovative, superior cuisine. When we cruise we select ships whose ports of call offer interesting sightseeing opportunities.

We try to bring you not only the nuts and bolts, but the flavor of our experiences.

Helpful people we meet along the way also affect our perceptions. Sometimes it’s a sommelier who suggests the perfect Sirah, a safari guide who is knowledgeable about giraffes or a concierge who offers more in the way of directions than "take a taxi" when we want the challenge of exploring on foot.

On our 10-year anniversary, we've redesigned the website to make
it attractive and reader-friendly with an index that is searchable by subject and location. Click on potpourri to read our recently added columns on investment trips.

Please note that the prices quoted in some of the earlier issues are no longer current.

We hope you enjoy the new CEO Traveler.


Vivian K. Fancher, Editor
Edwin C. Fancher, Associate Editor, Photographer