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The anorexic dollar be damned. Think about what you’ll be missing if you hang around the computer screen instead of attending to the infinitely more uplifting question of where to go next. Despite our shrinking currency, the shrinking world demands we come and take a look-see. The “grand tour,” several months in Europe moving about by train or ferry, has gone the way of the steamer trunk. In these days of direct flights and globalization we take more bite-size trips, “grazing” so to speak. Long weekends and short jaunts to the Far East and other far-off destinations satisfy our longing to explore as many corners of the earth as we can. Do we question someone’s sanity if they tell us they’re going to Hong Kong or St. Petersburg for a few days? Not at all. All of us travelers are doing the same. As I write this we’re planning a four-day trip, including time in the air, to Budapest. Is anyone surprised? Not at all.